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Today is also a perfect Valentine’s gift♥

I will introduce “Bear’s chocolate cookies”!

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【Bear’s chocolate cookies】

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Bear’s chocolate cookies.

Let me introduce the recipe right away♡

🍫Bear’s chocolate cookies🍫

♡Die-cut cookie dough♡

♥♥ Ingredient(About 20 cookies)♥♥

*In this recipe,there is too much dough.Bake the leftover dough in your favorite mold or freeze it.

Salt-free butter …… 50g

Powdered sugar ……… 30g

Whole egg …………… 13g

Wheat flour ………… 100g

♥♥ How to make ♥♥

Please see here for details on how to make die-cut cookie dough♪

♥Easy and easy to handle plain cookie dough.

【Basic die-cut cookie dough】


♥♥ Ingredient ♥♥

(16bear chocolate cookies)

Plain cookie dough … 16bears

*This is die-cut cookie dough I mentioned earlier.

Coated chocolate …… 70g

Pistachio dice … Appropriate amount

♥♥ Get ready ♥♥

①Lay a cooking sheet on the top board.

②Preheat the oven to 170 degrees.

♥♥ How to make ♥♥

The bear die is about 4.5cm in diameter.

To pull out the middle,I used the bottom of the round mouth metal 13mm.

※A point

Befor die-cutting the cookie dought,add a little wheat flour to the cutting mold to make it come out beautifully.

①Stretch the plain cookie dough to a thickness of 4mm and pull it out with a bear mold.

The fabric was stretched using an acrylic ruler.

②Pull out the middle of the bear cookie in a round shape.

※A point

If the cookie dough is cold,it can be die-cut beautifully and baked beautifully.

If you think the cookie dough is getting softer,please put the top plate in the refrigerator immediately and keep it cold.

③Press the heart-shaped cookie atamp on the ear of the bearcookie.

When cookies are baked,the dough gets excited,so press the stamp deeper.

Tightly and deeper♡

④Bake in the oven at 170 degrees for 10 minutes.

It’s burnt!

⑤Pour the softened chocolate into the bear cookie.

I softened the chokolate by repeating “heat it a little and mix it”in the microwave.

It was very easy to use.(^-^)

There are about 4 grams of chocolate in a bear,but if you don’t do the work of putting chocolate as soon as possible,it will harden,so I put it in the amount of the eyes.

The ingredients are 70g of chocolate,but it’s safer to melt it a little more.

⑥Finish with pistachio dice topped with chocolate.

It’s done!

Pour plenty of chocolate.🍫

Topped with pistachio dice✨

It’s also perfect for a Valentine’s gift.💕

Please try to make it.(*´ω`*)

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