【Recipe】Bear’s caramel nuts cookies♡Caramel nuts are crispy and delicious♡英語版のリクエストにお応え!

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[Bear’s caramel nuts cookies]

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【Bear’s caramel nuts cookies】

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Bear’s caramel nuts cookies

Let’s introduce the recipe right away.

Bear’s caramel nuts cookies🐻

♡Die-cut cookie dough♡

♥♥ Ingredient(About 20 cookies)♥♥

*In this recipe,there is too much dough.Bake the leftover dough in your favorite mold or freeze it.

Salt-free butter …… 50g

Powdered sugar ……… 30g

Whole egg …………… 13g

Wheat flour ………… 100g

♥♥ How to make ♥♥

Please see here for details on how to make die-cut cookie dough.♪

♥Easy and easy to handle plain cookie dough.

【Basic die-cut cookie dough】

♡Caramel nuts♡

♥♥ Ingredient ♥♥

Salt-free butter …… 12g

Granulated sugar …… 12g

Honey ………………… 10g

Nuts …………………… 20g

*Almonds and walnuts,etc.

♥♥ Get ready ♥♥

Chop the nuts finely.

♥♥ How to make ♥♥

①Put unsalted butter,granulated sugar and honey in a pot and bring to a boil.

②When it boils,turn off the heat and add the finely chopped nuts.

③Mix it with a heat-resistant spatula and leave it as it is until it cools down moderately.

※A point

If the caramel nuts remain hot,the cookie dough will melt when you put them in the cookie.

Leave it as it is until it cools down moderately,and die-cut the cookies.


♥♥ Get ready ♥♥

♥Preheat the oven to 170 degrees.

♥The bear die is about 4.5cm in diameter.

♥To pull out the middle,I used the bottom of the round mouth metal 13mm.

※A point

Before die-cutting the cookie dough,add a little wheat flour to the cutting mold to make it come out beautifully.

♥♥ How to make ♥♥

①Stretch the plain cookie dough to 5mm thick and pull it out with a bear mold.

The fabric was stretched using an acrylic ruler.

I’ll make 16 sheets this time.(^-^)

②Pull out the middle of the bear cookie in a round shape.

※A point

If the cookie dough is cold,it can be die-cut beautifully and baked beautifully.

If you think the cookie dough is getting softer,please put the top plate in the refrigerator immediately and keep it cold.

③Put the moderately cooled caramel nuts in the cookie.

Caramel nuts are divided into 16 equal parts and put in cookies.

Depending on the cutting die used,caramel nuts may overflow,so in that case,please fine-tune it.

※A point

If you think the cookie dough is getting softer,put the whole top in the refrigerator and let it cool.

If you cool it,it will be baked more beautifully.

④Bake in the oven at 170 degrees for 15 minutes.

The caramel is sluggy in the middle of baking.

It’s done!

The freshly baked caramel is soft,so please let it cool down before touching the cookies.

I used finely chopped almonds this time♪

Put caramel nuts in bear cookies♡♡

It’s a crispy and delicious cookie with caramel nuts.✨

Please try to make it.(*´ω`*)

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